Royal Diam's customers buy the diamond with complete confidence and 100% assurance that the diamond they select have been correctly assessed and accurately priced with regard to the quality.

The ever changing Diamond Industry has simulated the need for a new standard of polished diamond grading filled with enhanced level of information, based on the exact quality of each individual diamond. Finally we came with a system that not only graded diamonds in great details but each detailed component was saturated towards pinpoint precision to ascertain consistency. With mellowness of the organization, Royal Diam integrated many different grading traits for definitive accuracy. In order to uphold the dependable accuracy and consistency in grading, which are ultimately the heart, and the spine of the Royal Grading System’s uprightness, Royal Diam values diamonds more precisely, with the aid of the following systems :

A Multi Tier Checking system-ensuring each diamond is checked multiple times before being finally graded.
State of the art machinerieswhich aids in final assortment are induced to assist the graders to provide pin point accuracy.
Experienced, educated and alert bench of assorterswho are trained at regular intervals to acclimatize the ever changing grading scenario worldwide.
A motivational Incentive systemensuring that graders are always alert and impartial in the grading.
Accountability of each personwith respect to each stone at every stage of grading.

Definitions of terminologies based on which a diamond is assorted and priced :

Traditionally we know that a Diamond is priced and assorted on the basis of 4c’s but to cater the present scenario the 4c’s have further ancillaries to support the pricing model we follow at Royal Diam.The detailed description of the same are mentioned as under:

  • Carat

    Carat is the term used to express the weight of a diamond More

  • Clarity

    Clarity relates to the existence and visual appearance of More

  • Cut

    Cuts define a diamond's depth and width and the uniformity of More

  • Color

    Diamonds are not all truly colorless, but it's the colorless More