Across global markets, diamond prices are always stated in terms of per carat rate. Since diamond is quite an expensive commodity, a fluctuation of 1 or 2 cents in the weight causes fluctuations in price more particularly in the bigger sizes (i.e. above 1 carat). Specifying weight up to the third decimal digit offers precision in the pricing of individual diamond and hence accuracy in the pricing is achieved. Third digit measurement eliminates possibility of rounding off of any fraction. Due to our meticulous and precision oriented approach, the weight of each of our diamond is specified till the 3rd decimal digit, for e.g., 1.009 Cts, instead of the conventional method of stating only till 2 decimal digits.


"Cent " is the unit lower than carat to show diamond weight. One Carat is divided into 100 parts and each part is called a Cent. So we can say that a cent is 1/100 of a Carat.